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Our Plans

Start from £40 per month



per month


Mail Handling

Drop off/Pick up point

When we receive your post, we email you and keep it secure until you can collect it.



per month

Mail Handling and Forwarding

We forward on all your post to your private address the day we receive it.

*additional fees per letter sent

Scan + Email


per month

Mail Handling, Scan & Emailed

We scan and email all your post to you the same-day we receive it.

Scan + Email + Post


per month

Mail Handling, Scan, Email & Post

We scan, email & forward the hard copies to you by post on the day we receive it.

*additional fees per letter sent

Concrete Podium

Also available.

Meeting rooms,  Flexi-desks, Membership benefits.

All the benefits of a prime London / Essex business address without the expensive overheads, with quick & easy set up.

Address Privacy

If you’re operating a business from home, you may be required to show your address publicly. If you’re registered as a limited company, then this information will also be freely available via companies house. Address privacy for many home-based businesses is essential; they don’t want clients, customers or other companies to have access to this information to use freely. For this reason, they opt for a virtual business address. A virtual business address can be used in place of a home address and protects your location.

Portray a professional image

Your business address can influence how your customers and clients perceive you. If a residential address is publicly shown, it may make you appear as less professional or established. Virtual addresses also allow you to select a location you’d like your business to appear in.


Sole trader & registered business address use

Many home-based businesses start without the need for a business address. However, when the time comes to register as a sole trader or limited company, you’ll be required to provide HMRC with an address to use for correspondence. If you’re registering your business as a limited company, this address will be available publicly. Opting to use a virtual address can also protect you from future changes. If you move home or into a new office, you can avoid having to update your business address and set up a royal mail redirection service by continuously using a virtual address throughout the lifespan of your business.

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